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Minesweeper is one of the most classic computer games of all time. It comes installed on all windows PCs since the days of windows 95 and is one of the simplest, most fun games you can play.

You start the game with a blank grid of gray squares. Underneath some of the innocent gray panels lie mines. Depending on the difficulty of the game the player selects, there will be more or less mines hidden. The goal is for the player to uncover all of the safe squares and successfully flag all of the mined squares, thus clearing the minefield.
The game is played by the player selecting squares. If the square has no mine, the player is safe. The system will uncover neighboring tiles as well that do not have mines in them. A number is placed in each square that has been uncovered that neighbors a mine, with the number corresponding to the number of mines adjacent to it.
Minesweeper was created as far back in the early 1970s. One of the first games to stake claim to basic minesweeper logic is called Cube, and was created by Jerimac Ratliff. Severa more iterations of the game existed through the 1980s, including a famous incarnation named Relentless Logic, or RL. These games all comprised the basic idea of minesweeper today in differing packages. Many new incarnations of minesweeper are in the works even today, with things like 3D minesweeper, circular or triangular minesweeper being released every day. Please enjoy playing Minesweeper for free here at MinesweeperGame.net!
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